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Beaufort church offers free oil change for single mothers and military mothers – WTOC

Beaufort church offers free oil change for single mothers and military mothersWTOCFrom 9 a.m. Until noon Saturday morning church members came together to provide oil changes completely free of charge for mothers in need of the service. "We do this three times a year, so we can maintain their cars basically all year long," said youth …

Audubon Society: Nearly half of North American bird species 'severely threatened' by global warming (Daily Kos)

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No mincing words from the Audubon Society:
> The numbers are stark: Of the 588 species Audubon studied, 314 are likely to find themselves in dire straits by 2080. Unless, that is, the oil boomers in the Bakken—and everyone else—start to consider the future. Unless we begin to reduce the severity of global warming and buy birds more time to adapt to the changes coming their way.
> Global climate is changing in ways not seen for millennia, and we know humans bear at least part of the responsibility. We also know that these changes are affecting animals large and small. For years scientists have been telling us that the ranges of bears, butterflies, and many other species are shifting north and toward the poles; that bird migrations are changing time and course; and that pollinators are trying to adjust to new flowering schedules. These alarming observations are only the beginning.
Audubon has been uniquely situated to study these changes.
> For more than a century, volunteer birdwatchers throughout the Americas have contributed observations to Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count. Begun as a way to assess the health …

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Standard Oil, Al Saud, Swiss Banks, Bush, British Royal …

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