BFGoodrich Tires – Are They The Best Tires in Florida

There are lots of high performance all-season tires out there and we chose to put a few of them to the test. These are all period tires so they are developed to perform in dry, damp, and light snow conditions. We tested the dry and damp portions, but not the snow / ice traction. As always we advise that if you are driving in the snow for the majority of the winter, that you go with a dedicated winter tire that you switch out for a summer season tire.

Often times when a tire maker replaces a model of tire, the more recent model is a little better than the previous variation. Incremental improvements over the previous generation is what we generally see. Once and awhile, a tire business will entirely wow us with a dramatically better product than the one it changes. BFGoodrich really amazed me with the new g-Force Sport COMP-2!

BFGoodrich G-Force Super Sport AS (V Speed rated).

These tires supplied terrific traction in all dry conditions including acceleration, braking, and cornering. This tire is nice and firm- it does not provide any ‘wobble’ found on lots of performance tires with a greater profile.

When running into bumps and holes on the driving, this firmness did make the tire a bit more uncomfortable. Generally this was not too much of an issue though. In wet conditions, once the sprinklers poured a good amount of water on the track, the GForce Super Sport’s provided exceptional traction and cornering- more so than the Potenza’s.

BFGoodrich‘s pure competition tire, the R1 and their street tire, the G-Force Comp-2, liked each other very much. When the stork lastly showed up, they called it Rival, and found that they had a youngster who was greater than the amount of its moms and dads.

The Comp 2 in the name means Composition 2, BFGoodrich’s silica-enhanced rubber substance, which they declare “provides much better grip without sacrificing treadwear.” Silica-based compounds have been spreading like wildfire throughout the market for simply this reason. Grippy materials have the tendency to use faster, however making use of silica as a filler material appears to act as a wear-retardant, making it possible to make use of grippier compounds without giving up treadwear.

While the R1 is a very well-regarded competition tire and the Comp-2 sits atop Tire Rack’s customer surveys for UHP street tires, the Rival purposes to be the best of both worlds. It’s made to be an exceptional track tire that can still be driven to and from the track.

G-Force T/A KDWS.

The BF Goodrich website appointed this tire a 7 for wear life, fuel efficiency, braking and dealing with, as well as a 9 for comfort. These all-season tires provide a peaceful trip and “outstanding control” in any conditions, according to the site.

G-Force Sport.

According to the BF Goodrich site, the G-Force Sport got a 7 for wear life, a 6 for fuel effectiveness, an 8 for dealing with and braking, and a 7 for convenience. A summertime tire tailored toward sports car owners, the G-Force Sport manages well at the “grip limit” while offering “excellent damp weather condition traction.”.

G-Force Super Sport A/S H/V.

The G-Force Super Sport A/S H/V received an 8 for wear life, a 7 for fuel efficiency, a 9 for handling and braking, and an 8 for comfort from the BF Goodrich site. These all-season tires avoid hydroplaning, handle well in all weather and have a 50,000-mile limited guarantee.

Advantage T/A.

The BF Goodrich website designated this tire a 9 for wear life, a 7 for fuel effectiveness, a 9 for braking and handling, and a 10 for comfort. These all-season tires have a restricted 60,000-mile limited warranty and have a “non-directional tread” for remarkable handling.

Radial T/A.

According to the BF Goodrich website, these tires received a 7 for wear life, a 5 for fuel effectiveness, an 8 for handling and a 7 for braking and convenience. Suitable for cars and pickup trucks, these all-season tires keep “long, even wear.”.

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