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My Champlain Valley FOX44 & ABC22Angie's List: Remodeling the TubMy Champlain Valley FOX44 & ABC22So rather than have the bathtub that you lift your leg over that's a confined space if you put in a large shower it's more of the spa-type shower," Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Dan Updike said. "The trend these days is to convert bathtubs into showers.Adding luxury to your home with a new showerABC 10 News NOWAngie's List: Replacing Your Tub with a ShowerKYTXall 3 news articles »

Doing it yourself, and doing it right (jsonline)

Growing up on an Iowa farm, Randie Blom learned about self-reliance and working with his hands. He probably never imagined how those skills would serve him later in life.

The owner of three Milwaukee houses, Blom has saved untold thousands of dollars tackling remodeling projects on his own. The work has ranged from small repairs to gutting — and rebuilding — the entire first floor of a duplex.
He’s learned a lot along the way. His tool collection has grown to impressive proportions. Yet his background prepared him to never be intimidated by a project.

“I grew up on a farm, which is probably the ultimate do-it-yourself environment,” Blom said. “We rarely hired a mechanic or contractor.”

Blom holds a degree in electrical engineering, and doesn’t hesitate to spend off-work time toiling at his three properties. His wife, Marla, is his right-hand woman.
Business is one reason. Given that two of the houses are rental properties, money spent on contractors reduces their cash flow. The saying “time is money” holds true for Blom’s hours spent on remodeling and improvements.

Still, it isn’t all about money. Blom gets a charge, a satisfaction, from planning and executing projects. He enjoys anticipating outcomes, analyzing details …

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